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Love for quality of life
love for healthy and delicious food
love for the culinary arts of Italy and India,
here there are the main ingredients that we propose in our vegetarian dishes. When the research start inevitably from respect for yourself, clarity and well being become new instruments to go more deeply To eat "well" becomes a different way to help us to discover new interior spaces meal time can become a love ritual for yourself,with the peace that comes from receiving good nourishment, in a purified relaxing and invigorating ambience. The vegetarian menu that we propose is mainly based on first courses composed of pasta,rice,and cereal , flavored with spices of the Ayurvedic tradition. The main dishes are made with tofu, seitan, tempeh and other substitutes for animal protein, pulses, inviting and rich big salad. We invite you to try our fresh, light and colorful dessert that will satisfy your mouth and your heart! 
The products we use are often whole, organic, always in line with the search for harmony with nature and the environment.
SEITAN: vegetal proteinic product, obtained from the glutine of the wheat. It is a substitute of the animal protein
TOFU: vegetal proteinic product, lowfat. It is a kind of cheese obtained from the soyamilk, added with mineralsalts
TEMPEH: vegetal proteinic product, obtained from the fermentation of soya. Originative from Indonesia